CERAD is an indigenous non-governmental organization that was established in 2018 as a charity movement to support women, young persons and children in areas of sexual reproductive maternal adolescent Newborn child health and economic empowerment. The organization was birthed behind “maternal near miss” lived experiences by the founder and other rural women. 

The organization is fully registered to operate within the laws of the state and for the benefit for the community. We are a grass rooted NGO that uses community-based practices, local solutions to support the vulnerable individuals without leaving No one behind. CERAD is handy in contributing to a reduction in maternal and child mortality and enabling individuals live dignified lives with strengthening their ability to full potential.


Women and children attain sustainable healthcare and overcome poverty.


Promote resilient communities by improving universal access to quality health care (SRMNACH), and address socio-economic, climate, WASH, and environmental gaps within communities of the young persons, women, children through Advocacy and service delivery